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"While Supplies Last" and Mysteriously Disappear
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Woonsocket RI
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We're the only Firework store in RI Open Year Round

Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to choose
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Highest Quality  Fireworks Available on the market today  !

Most of the items on our site include videos so you can see a video
demo of the Items

This Is a great feature to help on deciding on your purchase.

If you have any questions or need assistance,
feel free to Reach Out to us.
And we will be happy to assist you.
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Welcome To
T.C.S. Fireworks 272 Main st Woonsocket RI
HAPPY 4th of July Were  open 8:30 am Until 11:00pm 11:00pm Tonight
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Store Hour's
onday - Thursday  11am until 5pm
Fridays 11am  until  5pm
Saturday  10am  until  5pm
Sundays  10am  until  1pm
Largest Selection of safe and sane Fireworks In the TriState area
500 Plus Item's
                          Whats new for T.C.S.  Fireworks for 2020 well lets see
Where  now a authorized dealer of Great Grizzly Fireworks & Showtime Fireworks
No one in Rhode Island carries more Brands then us where always one step
ahead of the competition come check us out today and see why where the
leader of retail Fireworks here in RI     
< 500 PLUS ITEMS! >
And the fact where open 7 days a week year round set us apart from others
No Scams just fair Prices
           Why buy from us well here some info about T.C.S Fireworks
 We are the Largest Safe and Sane firework store in 500 Miles FACT!
 Are Prices are Half of are competition and in some cases even more
                     ( Open Year Round No Appointment needed )

                                            We Carry 500 Plus Items !
       Note we do not sell none legal RI Fireworks  No Aerial Fireworks .
                 We Carry
         Fountains up to 500 Grams                 Many Kinds of Sparklers
       Tons of Smoke Itmes                           Ground Spinner
       Assortments all sizes                            Noveltie Fireworks
            Sky lanterns                                        
    Kids Snapper
        Wedding & Cake Sparklers
        Gender Reveal Fireworks
       So stop by today and check out New England Largest Safe & Sane
       Firework Store