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                                               2019 Firework News Feb 27th 2019
        New Fireworks are on the Water from China over 100 Hot New Items Plus restock items also !
We should start to receive some items in around 3 weeks i will be working on are web sites to update items
            Also adding Video's as always Please feel free to contact us with any? You may have :)  
       Firework News updates March 12th 2019 Here at T.C.S. Fireworks where Very Excited FOR 2019
We have been working hard all winter from the east coast to the west coast looking for only the Best Fireworks
Unlike most other Retailers In area were not a one Trick Pony thats why we bring our customers Brand that you
Can only find here at T.C.S. Fireworks we have a Ton of new line that will we be getting Int he wks/months to come
Last year we went over the Top and offed over 500 Items to our customer this Year is going Crush that with close to
                        700 Items and 4 new Brands

                 Paintball News 2019 Please Read
After 20 yrs selling Paintball Supplies and seeing the Peak and fall of a great sport we come to the cross roads
                Stocking all types of Accessories / Upgrades its just not worth the space its taken
So were going to  down size it I am sorry that it had to come to this it was very good to us for years
So where only going to stock a hand full of items but the good news is we can get most anything you want
                   Thats online at a special price in 2 to 3 days Tops!
We will  However still fully stock Airsoft
                     If we see a peak in Paintball will start to bring more markers back into the shop
        were going to have a Huge Paintball Accessories Blow out sale in a wk or two at 30% to 50% off
              All Paintball Accessories in stock things you cant find any more at crazy blowout Deals
So keep a eye out or Join are face book page i will post it there also Thank you from all of us at T.C.S.
              Don't Fall for the Bogus "buy 1 get 1" or the "buy one get 2 free" Scams
           that other stores promise! It's a Gimmick, Scam, and a Lie, We'll Prove It!
                  Or the other Scam- Ridiculously Low Priced Teaser Items that Say
                                 "While Supplies Last" and Mysteriously Disappear
                                or only have One or 2 Damaged ones on the Shelf !

          If it Seems to Good to be True then Trust your Instincts and Don't Believe It!   
        When you have Honest Prices, Great Products & a Friendly Knowledgeable Staff
                                    You don't Need Gimmicks or Deception!                              
We have The Best Deal Period!
Rhode Island Firework Store  we have largest selection of RI Legal fireworks in 500 miles
       T.C.S. Fireworks & Airsoft 272 Main st Woonsocket Rhode Island 401-488-6024
            Were open 7days a week 12 Months a Year! We stock 500+ Firework Items
  We are adding 2 new brands to our Firework Family  for 2019
       Black Cat Firework & Red Rhino Firework line for 2019